Myrna Loy Taylor

Sis Myrna Loy Taylor is the wife of Rev. Bryan Taylor. Together, they have been engaged in the work of the Lord for over fifty years.  They have traveled on the evangelistic field, pastored around twenty years in Arkansas, and have pastored in Jonesville, Louisiana, at the Good Road Pentecostal Church for 30 years.

Sis Myrna Loy has been singing in church almost all of her life.  She sang her first song at the age of five in a little Baptist church near Leesville, Louisiana, where she lived as a child during World War II.  The preacher asked for a volunteer to sing and she readily volunteered! The song was an old army marching song entitled: “When Those Casings Go Rolling Along”.  She learned the song from the soldier boys from Fort Polk that camped out near their home.  Needless to say, her song was quite an embarrassment to her older sisters who were with her that day!

In the last six years Sis Myrna Loy has recorded a total of six CDs.  She also recorded two long play albums a number of years ago that have been converted to CDs.  Anyone who has heard her sing will agree that the one thing that stands out about her singing is that she sings from her heart.  She prays earnestly about each song she records, as her greatest desire is to be a blessing to someone. 

Of course, different artists have different styles of singing and it is easy to tell that her songs are mostly the consecration type songs that are done in the country gospel style.  If you haven’t heard her sing before, we’re confident that that you will feel the anointing in these songs as Myrna Loy Taylor sings.

Sister Janice Alvear, Missionary to Brazil writes on Myrna Loy Taylor's latest release "I'm Thankful":  

Few times in live are we given the opportunity to introduce someone so special as Sister Myrna Loy Taylor.  From my earliest memories until today (half a century later) her songs have brought the presence of the Lord into some of life's greatest challenges.

As a little girl, I can still remember her singing the glory down!  I have fond memories of her always ministering through song and prayer beside her wonderful husband, Rev. Bryan Taylor.

I remember as a child her and Brother Taylor coming to pray for our family when we were sick and many times healing would come as she would burst into a song of praise to Him who gave his back to be striped for our healing.

Her singing has brought joy and laughter to heavy hearts, hope to the hopeless and comfort to those that were mourning over some loss to their life.

Her singing has payed a great part in the ministry and it would seem to me no sermon that Brother Taylor could preach would be complete without it!  She always had the right song to sing at the closing of his messages.

So as you put this new CD on, get ready for a special blessing that comes from her anointed singing.