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I'm Thankful

1. After All
2. I'm Thankful  
3. Don't Give Up On God's Love
4. How Sweet Is The Victory
5. Heaven's Already Been Notified
6. Touching Jesus
7. Before You Die
8. Jesus The Nazarene
9. Where Will You Be
10. I Never Shall Forget The Day 

My God Is Real My God Is Real
1. Covered by the Blood (Click to play song)
2. I Wasn't There
3. My Altar
4. I Sense the Presence of Jesus
5. I've Been Touched by The Hand Of The Lord
6. I Want To Spend My Life Serving Jesus
7. That's Just His Way
8. God Our Maker
9. Let Me Walk With You Jesus

10. My God Is Real
(click to play song)