Myrna Loy Taylor

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My God Is Real There Is Nothing My God Can't Do
1. Heavenly Places
2. There's Nothing My God Can't Do

3. Somebody Touched Me
4. Holy Ground
5. My Love Is Just A Token In Return
6. Unfinished Task
7. The Unseen Hand
8. Oh What A Love
9. Walk Through The Garden of My Heart.
10.Everything Will Be All Right
11.When You've Got Nothing Left But God
12.Prayer Changes Things

Your Answer Is One Prayer AwayYour Answer Is One Prayer Away

1. Amazing Love
2. Your Answer Is One Prayer Away
3. If It's Under The Blood You'll Get Over The Storm
4. He Brought Me Through
5. This Is What Heaven Means To Me
6. The Eyes Of Jesus
7. Constantly Aware Of God's Love
8. Master Look My Way
9. I'm In Love With Jesus
10. Look For Me