Myrna Loy Taylor
Pojects 2

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Lead Me Back To CalvaryLead Me Back To Calvary
1. Calvary's The Reason Why
2. I Claim The Blood
3. I Forgive
4. Lead Me Back to Calvary
5. Mama's Treasures
6. I have Nothing But Praise
7. More Than Anything
8. My Highest Heights
9. See Those Clouds
10. Shine On Through Me
11. Preacher Preach to me
12. The Road Is Paved

Ill Stand For Jesus I'll Stand For Jesus
1. The Garden of Prayer (Click to play song)

2. That Sounds like Home to Me
3. The Man In The Middle
4. I'll Stand For Jesus.
(Click to play song)

5. The Blood
6. The God Of The Mountain
7. I See A Bridge
8. Come Morning
9. I Can't Complain
10. I'll Be Alright As Soon As I Touch Calvary
11. Unconditional Love